“On March 11, 2011 one of the biggest natural disasters hit the country of our close friends in Japan. The earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear devastation and the resulting inapprehensible pictures on TV left us in sadness and depression and caused a feeling that something needed to be done to help. The original idea by the label AOR Heaven simply was to release a Melodic Rock/Hard Rock charity album for Japan and to donate all profit of the sales income of this CD to the Red Cross in Japan. An e-mail was sent to some bands in order to find out if any of them would be interested in participating in this project. From this point on, the idea started to move and caused massive feedback. Within the first 24 hours after this message had been sent, more than 20 highly profiled bands and artists from all over the world already had offered to take part by contributing previously unreleased material each. Website: Onsale 29/04/2011”
Lazy Rocker –

“Kane’d gave a convincing performance which had an infectious fun to it… Even the heavens seemed pleased with the performance of Kane’d – as the band played on, the bashful sun slowly emerged from its uncalled-for slumber….. ”
Power of Metal

“This is more loud girls than Girls Aloud and to be honest these three sisters have more talent in their little fingers than all of Girls Aloud.”
Mayfair Mallzine

“A Joan Jett meets Evanesence hybrid, their material bites chews and snarls throughout with a healthy dose of seventies punk bombast one of the most innovative young British acts we’ve seen in many years ”

“Live review report from House of Lords Bangin’ World tour 2009”
Dave Attrill –

“Live review report from House of Lords Bangin’ World Tour 2009 ”
Raymond Kruijen – 3VOOR12

“Live review report from House of Lords Bangin’ World Tour 2009 – @ De Rots”
Tarkus – Tarkus

“Live review report from House of Lords Bangin’ World Tour 2009 with pictures and video footage”
Author: Personne – Rock Meeting

“Live review report from House of Lords Bangin’ World Tour 2009 – Weert NL”
Een review door Hans –

“Live review report from House of Lords Bangin World Tour 2009/10 – Motorockas/Soundtrack, Mozzate.”
Fabio Rigamonte – Spazio Rock

“Review from Corporation – Sheffield. House of Lords Bangin World Tour 2009/10”
Mayfair Mallzine

“Photos & Review from Rock Club Live (Italy) Kane’d – support for House of Lords 2009/10 Bangin’ World Tour”
Aleš Podbrežnik, – ROCKLINE.SI

“Featured Interview with Kane’d”
Jen – Somojo Magazine

“Robin Beck Interview where she talks a little about kane’d!”
Raymond Kruijen – Who Is Who?

“Fernsehgarten, Mainz, Germany. Kane’d en Robin Beck treedt op in Mainz MAINZ – De Engelse rockbelofte Kane’d en Robin Beck. ”

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